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Party Sweets offers an array of themed-wrapped candy and mints that brings a special touch to any celebration. Host an amazing party your guests will remember with sweet treats that complement your party decor.

Our mints and candy aren’t just cute, they are top-quality confections. We use only the most premium ingredients like real butter, triple distilled peppermint oil, and pure cane sugar to make these delicious treats. Plus, all of our mints and candy are gluten free!

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Sustainability is a priority for us.

We promote earth-friendlier manufacturing by using water-based ink printing. All of our custom and stock candy wrappers are printed using 100% water-based ink instead of alcohol-based inks, eliminating the release of waste chemicals into the environment and the potential contamination of the area’s water system.

Party Sweets® is a division of Hospitality Mints®, the largest supplier of custom mints in the USA. Chances are you’ve probably enjoyed our famous after dinner “Thank You” buttermints at your favorite restaurant. Delight your guests with our amazing mints!



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